Sunday, July 11, 2010

.....present for today?

....i entered my science tuition class for standard 4 this morning,
1st word that comes from their little mouth...
"teacher...harini dapat sticker lagi ke? (they're asking for reward present)
and i reply " aha...its different today..i got colourful pen (me holding a bunch of ballpens with different colour) and i said " i will give it to one person with the highest mark on today's tutorial,"

I can see their excitement...everyone's is competing and struggling to do their best..and i smiled ^_^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was thinking about is not COMPOSING lol.. i bet everyone aware about this term plus this is one good way to help our earth. Compost is sort of organic material that derived from plants and animals that have been decomposed through aerobic decomposition. Usually the idea making DIY compose is more on domestic food waste..but mine is using rabbit manure.

I got this idea of making my own COMPOST fertilizer when i was looking at my backyard..thinking how to make use of my rabbit manure.Noted: actually u can use fresh rabbit manure as fertilizers but people think it is disgusting. Composting might change peoples perception i hope.

The problem is we only got small space plus there is no soil..everything was covered with concrete. So i've done some research about composting..for people who doesn't have a backyard or living in apartment....and i found one interesting article about making your own compost. Again ..i just need ideas especially on the compost container..which way is the implement it on our house situation. You can refer to this link ..

I want to use EM(effective microorganism) replacing vermicompost worm.Here i want to try my own composting way. The materials will be:

a. rabbit manure
b. paper/saw dust
c. EM
d. a little bit of soil
e. agricultural lime
f. broken pail that i have at home..i will punch holes at side and at the bottom of it.

I will start looking for stuff..hope everything work! To all readers i always welcome your ideas..or comments..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

1st May - Umar's Engagement

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Thinking - Day without plastic bag!

It already started today. this is a very good intensive from the Selangor goverment. a 20 cent will be charge on person who didn't bring their own bag. a good kick out to make our earth greener. GO GREEN malaysian!