Monday, December 28, 2009

age @ 26 and yet still single

Happy b'day to me! am now officially 26 years old. trying to write something on this special day of mine.
Right now am thinking about most of my friends, they'll manage to settle down. some of them enjoying their days with kids and their hubby, having dinner with beloved one, wake up with someone beside them,recite the Quran, do their prayers with 'imam' of the family, sharing thoughts and ideas with someone their love...
and is still me who left behind. no one to talk to, no one to listen to..but i keep on praying. my very wish on my 26th bday 'i wanna have a family of my own'. it hurts to learned the truth about being ALONE. the hidden pain when i feel the EMPTINESS (though i got good friends to cheer me up!). but i wont give it up..this is just the beginning. : )