Monday, December 29, 2008

Salam Maal Hijrah

Sunday, December 28, 2008

25th bday!

Epi burpday 2 u..

The 1st birthday wish, it is from my sister Husna. Now am officially 25 years living on earth. Still in good health Alhamdulillah, with good family and hope me and my family is blessed with peaceful and bright future insyaAllah. There so much i want to say much i want to du'as, what i want, what i feel and everything.

on my 25th birthday i prayed for..

* Forgiveness from Allah:
O Allah, I seek forgiveness for every sin, I committed, about which, of course, You know inside and out, from the beginning to the end of my life, whether committed deliberately or intentionally, few or many, abstruse or manifest, old or new, secretly carried out or openly done; and for whatever wrong I have done I turn repentant unto You and beseech You to bless Muhammad and the children of Muhammad and forgive all my unjust acts I did to wrong the people (because they have rights which I have to recognize and fulfill) but You have full authority to forgive those wrongdoings whenever and howsoever You wish, O the most merciful.

* My Parents & Family :
My Lord! bestow on my parents Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood,

O my Lord, Grant me that i may be grateful for Thy favour which Thou has bestowed upon me, and upon both my parents, and that i may work righteousness such as Thou mayest approve; and be
gracious to me in my issue. Truly have I turned to Thee and truly do I bow (to Thee) in Islam.

Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter,
and defend us from the torment of the Fire!

on my 25th birthday i want..

*to be established emotionally and financially..
*to be part of community (in so many ways..using my talent, skills or whatever i have)..i want to contribute somehow someway..
*to help my family
*i wish to have a family of my own but after a long thought i think that will be my last target.

on my 25th birthday i feel like..

*There're so many things that i didn't do..
*Things that i wish for but i didn't get..
*a little regret for my previous relationship
*plain and dumb colors sticking inside my head

This make me thinking about one email (from kauthar) for intro she said shes happy because she still breathing(i should feel the same..since am still have the chance to live on earth and commit myself to Allah) Alhamdulillah. This is her words that i cannot forget..

"...My mind stopped racing and I adopted a slow and mindful approach to everything I did. The strange thing to me was that even though I slowed everything down, I still got my house work done, and I came out the other end of it much more relaxed and pleased with what I achieved. I realised then that putting housework off, or not doing it at all, added to the stress of it. Doing it slowing, one task at a time, gave a rhythm to the day that helped the work flow...hmm maybe this is it...lets slow down...

But it wasn't only the housework that I applied this new philosophy to. It was also my relationships with people. I found that when I slowed down and concentrated on the person I was with, it made a difference. When I stopped thinking about what I would do later in the day, or tomorrow, and gave my thoughts as well as my time to the person I was with, I gave more and got a lot more in return. When I gave my best, they gave their best too....coz at the end of the day...we are only humans...

today im here...mayb tomorow im least my frens will make prayers for me...i hope!.."

This is her words..for me. am sorry kauthar(now i feel like crying) what u said all true. I need to forget all of this nonsense in my life. I have to move on. Yeah. I will try..

Friday, December 26, 2008

I've been TAGGED!!

1. The last person to tag you was?
Farhanah jamil

2. Your relationship with him/her?
She's my liltle sister

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
1.Happy go lucky
2.Happy happy
4.Pain in the buttocks ( sometime)

4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
She gave me her handmade birthday card when she's just ... well i can't remember but she still in the primary school that time.

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
Which u wanna know??

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you..
The best duet ever (we both can sing a good song together ha ha)

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will..
Kick her A** and roll her down the hill

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
Stealing my bantal busuk

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are..
kiss her..meh meh busyuk ashem mehhh~ grrr

11. Overall impression towards him/her is..
A good sister

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you? is it???

13. Who is your ideal?
Can't think of any for the moment

14. What do you hate about yourself?

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?

16. 5 people to tag answer :
2.i dont know
3.i dont have a clue
5.forget it

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Aha..this is my latest creation .. a hijabi emoticons which i try to represent it using manga style(not too good though but i can improve). There are so many expression not included yet and maybe i will complete it later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aww..a swimming rabbit?

I never know that rabbit can swim..till i found this on Youtube-a swimming rabbit. Absurd uh? but this is real! I wish my rabbits not afraid of water like Rose (name of the rabbit in this video) <-- so i wont have problems during their bath time..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eidul adha

This eidul adha also known as the feast of sacrifice in islam. It is the major celebration for muslims after the conclusions of Hajj.

We took our chance to return back to our kampung (Sayong masjid, Kuala Kangsar, Perak) last two weeks. I just want to share some exicement that occured before and on the eidul adha. This eidul adha is much more happening because most of relatives return back to kampung (except for mok co-my ummi sister who lives in kedah) <-- means more chaos from our little cousins.

We also celebrating Maryam's (one the cousins) 2 years birthday..come to think of it..there are few of us that born on the same month (December) as Maryam, Mokcik(maryam's mother), Me and Aiman(my brother).. Hah..i missed all the noises made by those little children..watching them playing, arguing, screaming to each other bring back memories of our childhood..wish to become kids again.. nahhh impossible.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ensem & Wawa act no 1

I don't know how to rotate this video (please tell me if you'll know how to do it) but enjoy the act of Ensem and Wawa. This movie is takes after the bath (usually we used a special spray for hamsters and rabbits) and my sister Farhanah is the one who captured this video. note: the voices in the video totally not mine..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Desaru in Memory

We've gone to Desaru beach (Located in Johor-Peninsular Malaysia) at end of November. It is unofficial vacation since not all of us could make it and we're just following abah for his training programme (GREEN programme). We stays in Desaru Golden Beach Hotel for 3days. So there is just Abah, Ummi, Farhanah, Aiman and me. The beach scene was fantastic, very panoramic..

We met few new cool people..Saba & Ika (the GREEN admin staff) and Musliha(one of the trainer daughters). We found interesting the oversize 'siput babi' <--i don't know what they call it in english and abandoned jet ski~..whatever we found or see the thing that matters is we had a very great time there.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gloomy days~

My past few days isn't very good..just like everything turned dark and black. Thanks to Allah i still have my family and friends to support me. I pray for my good future, i pray for strength so that i can walk through everything..

Our Lord! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear, grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us. You are our Protector. Help us against those who deny the truth. (2:286)